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Container for diesel power station

The main function of the container for DES is to create optimal conditions for the operation of the diesel generator, its protection from mechanical damages, unfavorable environmental influences and access of unauthorized persons. Labscand manufactures containers for DES, intended for installation of a diesel generator set and other life support systems. Dimensions of the container module are selected depending on the dimensions of the DGU, the composition of additional equipment and other parameters. Depending on the category of accommodation, the containers can be manufactured in different climatic designs.

Container for diesel power station

Advantages of container DGS:

  • Quick start-up.
  • Versatile application.
  • Wide range of climatic conditions of operation.
  • High technical characteristics.
  • The ability to quickly service in the event of equipment failure.
  • Ease of installation and dismantling.

Advantages of our products:

  • Strength – made of steel sheet thickness of 1.5 mm.
  • Any size – it all depends on the wishes of the customer.
  • Weatherproofness – containers can be made for any climatic conditions.
  • Interior decoration with refractory dielectric materials, ventilation, lighting and heating systems guarantee the staff the convenience of maintenance, and the installed equipment – quality conditions of maintenance and operation.
  • Democratic prices.

By type of execution, container for diesel power plants are divided into:

  • standard;
  • insulated;
  • anti-vandal;
  • noise-vibration-protected.

In the case when the container module with a diesel unit or other electrical equipment installed in it must operate in a cold climate, a special design of such a container is necessary. In addition to good thermal insulation between the outer and inner spaces, in the insulated container power plants there must be a heating system for the intake air jet, in order to avoid the freezing of the diesel generator set at start-up. Under such operating conditions, the start-up of the unit is carried out together with the system for recirculating warm air in a container of DES. One of the advantageous differences between the ventilation flaps of the insulated container is the ability to smoothly control the airflow level, the automation system, effectively dividing it by the outgoing and recirculating one. In addition to the above options, in the insulated container of DES there is necessarily an enhanced system of heating the internal space. This insulated version of the container module guarantees trouble-free start of the diesel generator set, as well as reliable operation in conditions of low ambient temperatures.

The container of the diesel power plant is manufactured in an anti-vandal version to ensure the safety of technologically important and materially valuable equipment, in the case of the module location not in a specially protected area. Protection of the power plant against theft and damage of equipment is carried out by reinforcing the construction with a thicker steel sheet around the perimeter of the container, as well as through the use of ventilation grills and doors of anti-vandal performance.

To protect against strong vibrations and acoustic noise caused by diesel generators of high power, containers are used in noise-vibration-proof designs. Reduction of vibrations inside the module is achieved due to the use of special vibration isolation elements installed between the frame of the diesel generator set and the base of the container. For the construction of sound attenuation systems, inlet and outlet ventilation openings are equipped with noise suppression chambers consisting of cellular or plate elements, and silencers are installed on the gas path. Such a system allows to reduce the level of acoustic noise several times to the level allowed by sanitary norms. It is possible that both the internal design of the sound attenuator and the external one, i.e. The inlet and outlet valves of the container are equipped with additional noise chambers that can be mounted on an already installed container module.

  1. Diesel generator
  2. Cladding with insulation and vapor barrier
  3. Fixtures
  4. Fire extinguisher
  5. Gas-slag system
  6. Internal heating system
  7. System of fire and burglar alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system
  8. Valves with electric actuators
  9. Inlet-distributor


All the main and auxiliary equipment is mounted in the module of the container, which is a bearing structure of the enclosing type. Dimensions of the module are chosen based on the dimensions of the diesel generator set, the composition of additional equipment and the complexity of the life support systems of the station. Depending on the category of location of the diesel power plant, the container can be manufactured in various climatic designs.

When the DPP is located in areas with negative temperatures, the container module is insulated with basalt slab wool in a vapor barrier.

The walls of the container module of the diesel power plant are finished with a galvanized profiled or perforated sheet. The floor is reinforced with a channel or steel profile pipe, and a steel corrugated sheet is used as a floor covering.

In the construction of the floor, there are embedded elements for mounting the equipment. For the installation / dismantling of the diesel generator set, the end swing gates are provided. To service the equipment are designed side (as a rule – one or two) single-leaf doors.

The outer finish of the container of the diesel power plant is made by profiled galvanized or corrugated steel sheet. All fixed joints and module clearances are sealed. The external surfaces of the power plant container have an anti-corrosion coating.
The framework of the DES container is primed and painted in the color of the wall panels with paint, which retains its properties during operation of the module in the entire temperature range under the influence of atmospheric precipitation. The room of a diesel power plant can be divided by a partition, into cells: a computer room with a diesel generator set, an electrical and / or a fuel and lubricant.

If necessary, our containers can be equipped with:

  • Improved noise insulation.
  • Additional fire suppression systems, fuel pumping, dispatching and remote control of the main and auxiliary equipment.
  • Optional cabinets with additional automation and load distribution schemes.
  • Compartments with fuel tanks to increase battery life.

The container for DGS can be painted in any color of the RAL scheme at the request of the customer.


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