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Diesel generator enclosure

The protective cover is one of the irreplaceable accompanying components of diesel power plants. The metal casing protects the generator from moderate precipitation and dust and allows putting the power plant into operation at a low cost. Provides easy access to all generator systems, does not require special operating conditions and complex commissioning. Labscand manufactures casings for diesel generators, taking into account the needs of each individual order.

Diesel generator enclosure

  • significant savings in the commissioning of DPP;
  • protection against moderate precipitation and dust;
  • noise absorption;
  • compactness, low weight and high mobility;
  • ease of installation (enough solid and level ground for placement);
  • anticorrosion treatment;
  • availability of technological connectors for service;
  • basic protection against unauthorized access;
  • additional functionality;
  • long service life (not less than 10 years).
  • The casing of the diesel power plant is made of steel sheets and covered with anti-corrosion paint, which significantly increases the service life.
  • The noise absorbing casing of the generator is covered from the inside with a special sound-absorbing material resistant to high temperatures.
  • Also, noise reduction is achieved by installing special silencers, which are attached through a flange seal.
  • Elements that are heated are thermally insulated.
  • To increase fire safety, a spark arrester is installed on the muffler.
  • The generator housing allows easy access to all generator systems using special doors.
  • Doors have locks and rubber seals to prevent precipitation.
  • The presence of locks ensures that the equipment is protected from access by unauthorized persons.
  • All doors are easily dismantled.
  • The casing design can be equipped with ventilation holes made in the form of blinds.

Enclosures can include a number of additional systems, which include systems:

  • lighting, including emergency lighting;
  • refueling;
  • replacement of technical fluids (oil, coolant);
  • heating during winter operation;
  • fire fighting.

In addition, the diesel generator housing is equipped with a control panel. It is possible to implement remote control system, as well as installation of emergency stop button.

Feature Value
Noise suppression -25 dB
Operating temperature range -40…+40°С
IP protection class
In idle mode IP44
In running mode IP22
Supply voltage (internal circuit), V 12
Supply current 12V
Maximum (with equipment operation), A 14,35
Minimum (standby mode), mA 350
Overall dimensions and weight On request
Colour On request


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