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Labscand KUPO-G

Black color halogen-free and oil splatter resistant inlet flange Labscand KUPO-G, IP65, for indoor and outdoor using.
This cable entry is designed for cables: 1 x 16 mm, 1 x 27,8mm, 1 x 36,2mm, 1 x 44,6mm, 1x 53mm, 1 x 61,4mm.

Labscand KUPO-G

  • Name: KUPO G
  • Material: TPE-SEBS 65 Sha
  • Color: Black
  • Measurements: 100mm x 87mm
  • Fastening hole: 8,2mm
  • Fasteningholes distance: 80mm / 57 mm
  • IP class: IP65
  • Temperature range: -40C – +130C
  • Lead-through: 1 x 16 mm, 1 x 27,8mm, 1 x 36,2mm, 1 x 44,6mm, 1x 53mm, 1 x 61,4mm
  • Tightening with clip
  • Halogen-free, oil splatter resistant, indoor and outdoor use

Kupo-G cable input scheme


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