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Labscand D

The variable speed generator set is the main source of electric power for electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems. Diesel-generator sets Labscand (100 - 480 kW) for offshore platforms based on Volvo Penta engines.

Labscand D

Continuous search for maximum efficiency in the movement of ships and generation of electricity, which requires both, leads to the definition of modern motor systems using variable speed generators.

The variable speed generator set is the main source of electric power for electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems.

The main advantages of Labscand marine energy solutions:

  • Turnover, power output and consumption depend on the required load
  • The minimum speed of rotation is 1000 rpm, the maximum speed is 2300 rpm
  • Average fuel consumption and emissions are proportionally reduced by 30%
  • Small dimensions of the installation (for example, for a 300 kW solution – 2200x550x1600 mm)
  • The system of production and global management of energy consumption on board due to the inverter can provide guaranteed power with a nominal voltage and frequency for propulsion, maneuvering and airborne services.

Technical characteristics of Labscand marine engines on the example of D7C-TA model:

  • Rated power: 180 kW
  • Overload: 10%
  • Voltage: 440 V
  • Working revolutions (depending on the load): 1000 ÷ 2200 rpm

The equipment is intended for long-term operation (4000 hours / year) at rated load

The basis of the system is a diesel engine Volvo Penta, model D7C TA:

  • 6-cylinder
  • Total volume: 7.15 l
  • The diameter of the cylinder and the stroke of the piston: 108 x 130 mm
  • Output power at 1000 rpm: 61 kW
    1800 rpm: 163 kW
    2100 rpm: 182 kW
  • Turbocharger with split inputs
  • Specific fuel consumption:
    1000 rpm: 222 g / kWh
    1800 rpm: 211 g / kWh
    2100 rpm: 218 g / kWh
  • Electric starter 24 V, alternator, charger and lead batteries for 24 V
  • Electronic fuel injection with E.M.S. (Engine management system)
  • Full-electronic speed control via E.M.S signals.
  • Cooling water through seawater / fresh water heat exchanger
  • Circulation pump for fresh water (roller or belt) and buffer tank
  • Seawater Pump
  • Air and fuel filters
  • Flexible steel outlet for gas
  • MARPOL / EPA TIER II / EIAPP (operating cycle E3)
Engine model Speed of rotation, rpm Power, kWt Power, kVA
D5 ATA 1000/2300 100 123
D7 ATA 1000/2300 150 187,5
D9 1000/2200 270 337,5
D13 1000/1900 380 475
D16 1000/1900  480 600


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