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The Italian company Marelli Motori – the manufacturer of synchronous industrial generators of low and medium voltage capacity from 24 to 4000 kVA. The advantage of Marelli over the rest of the generator manufacturers (especially the production of France or the USA) is the average price with high quality.

Thanks to the technology of impregnation of winding with resin in vacuum under pressure, Marelli can work in difficult production conditions. Working units Marelli are created taking into account technical achievements: heaters to prevent the formation of condensate, sensors to monitor the operating temperature of the stator winding and bearings, real-time monitoring systems.

The brand Marelli Motori is represented in 120 countries of the world. Marelli products are used in the naval and oil and gas sectors, in shipbuilding and hydropower, in industry and small-scale energy.

Marelli generators

The Marelli generator with a capacity of 1000 kW served for 30 years in Italy, and in March 2016 it was completely renovated and continued working at the hydroelectric power plant in Guatemala.

28 Marelli Motori generators are helping a new eco-friendly power plant in Tolu Viejo to convert sunlight into 19.9 megawatts of electrical energy.

Here are some of the advantages of Marelli generators:

1. Italian quality

In Marelli Motori, the production is implemented on a full cycle basis. All steps of the process are taken by the company, without simplifying or delegating. The technology includes the creation of own components, so the concept of “gray” parts in the world of Marelli Motori does not exist.

Marelli Motori does not principally place production in China. One plant of the company is located in the municipality of Arzignano, the Venice region, in Italy. The second – in the city of Shah Alam in Malaysia. At the same time, a quality control system was introduced on the Pacific platform, which is headed by the Italians. Tests of all products are only in Italy.

The efficiency of Marelli generators is the highest in its class. For example: 88.2% for a power of 20 kW, 93.4% for a power of 200 kW, 95.8% for a power of 1040 kW.

2. They are used as part of the DGU

Marelli generators can be found in diesel power plants: for example: CAT (USA), FG WILSON (UK), CTM (Italy), ONIS VISA (Italy), MWM (Germany), Teksan (Turkey).

The production volume is 30 000 generators per year. (Number 1 in Italy)

3. World Standards

The high level of quality of Marelli Motori products is confirmed by certificates of all major classification bureaus of the world: from the International Electrotechnical Commission to the largest maritime register.

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