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Volvo Penta is an independent company in the Volvo group engaged in the production of marine engines and transmissions to them, marine diesel generators, as well as power diesel drives for industrial purposes.

Volvo Penta is the oldest company in the Volvo group. If in 2005 Volvo celebrated its 90th anniversary, Volvo Penta celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007. The history of the company officially begins with mechanical workshops in the city of Shevde, which in 1907 started the production of the B1Penta engine, named, like the company itself, in honor of the five men who took part in its creation. In 1925 the company received its first order from Volvo AB, and in 1927 the company’s engines were installed on the first Volvo cars. Already at the beginning of the 30s, the production of engines for Volvo cars was much higher than the production of marine engines and in 1935 the company was renamed to Volvo Pentaverken and the management of the company moved to Gothenburg.

Volvo Penta is the smallest company in the Volvo group. And the number of employees, and the turnover of the company. However, Volvo Penta is the most profitable company in relation to turnover.

The power series produced by the company engines is one of the most wide in the world from 10 to almost 800 hp.

Volvo Penta owns two plants: In Vara, Sweden, a plant for the production of 3, 4 and 6 liter marine engines and a plant in Lexington, Tennessee, USA, where all of the company’s gasoline engines are produced. Pivot-folding columns are produced at the Lexington plant and at the Volvo transmissions plant in Chöping, Sweden. Most Volvo Penta diesel engines are produced at the Volvo engine manufacturing plant in Shevde, Sweden. Volvo Penta engines for the needs of Southeast Asia are also produced in China, at the Lingang plant. Vara Plant is the only plant in the world specializing in the serial production of marine engines.

Volvo Penta was the first in the world to bring to the market such products for the catheter industry as: rotary-folding column, bottom column for sailing yachts, bottom rotary columns IPS with forward propellers.

On the basis of Volvo Penta engines, many diesel generators, construction equipment, mining equipment operate.

Volvo Penta diesel engines for off-road vehicles are valued for their compact dimensions, they can be installed on any equipment without problems. Excellent quality, reliability, high productivity, low fuel consumption, low operating costs, high level of service and long service life are key advantages, why customers – manufacturers of diesel generators – choose Volvo Penta.

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