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Mitsubishi Diesel Engines

The company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began its activity in 1884 with the shipbuilding business. In 1950, the Corporation split into several independent units, one of which in 1970 was transformed into an independent automotive concern Mitsubishi Motors. Today it is the largest private company in Japan. Under the brand Mitsubishi is produced heavy industrial equipment, cars, airplanes and ships, railway cars and powerful power plants. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corporation has overcome a long way of integrating the technical and managerial experience of its subsidiaries, and this has allowed it to become the largest player in the competitive struggle in the Asian and world markets.

The company’s staff exceeds 40 thousand people, annual sales are estimated at billions of yen. The corporation includes 9 factories, 6 technical research centers, 53 subsidiaries, 21 representative offices around the world.

Created for more than a century of history, the scientific and production base allows Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to produce a wide variety of products in such areas as energy systems, climate equipment, industrial and household appliances, aerospace systems and many others. The company conducts many years of research in the field of developing power generating equipment.

Currently, specialists of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have concentrated their efforts on energy-saving technologies, searching for alternatives to hydrocarbon energy sources, and the possibility of using renewable energy sources.

Combined cycle power plants built on the company’s equipment have the highest efficiency in the world. Advanced technologies allowed Mitsubishi to create engines of a new generation and significantly improve their technical characteristics. A distinctive feature of Japanese engines is the vortex-type internal combustion chamber, which provides high engine engine life and low noise level.

To date, four product groups are being manufactured: engines, construction machines, equipment for moving loads and special vehicles. The production of diesel generators based on new type engines is one of the company’s priorities. In a wide range of diesel and gas engines, models up to 6000 kW in various designs are presented, including turbine and piston-type power plants.

Mitsubishi diesel generators are able to meet any customer needs. This equipment is characterized by the highest level of reliability, low fuel consumption, low weight and compact dimensions. Simplicity and unpretentiousness in operation, as well as flexible configuration due to universal options, allows solving any technical problems.

Diesel power stations based on Mitsubishi engines are perfectly adapted to fuel and oils of any quality, they have proved themselves in difficult operating conditions. Power plants of industrial capacity with liquid cooling can work without interruption for a long time. The units produced by the company have low noise level and low wear of the generator parts, which provides a minimum risk of breakage during operation. All engines are equipped with preheating air heating, which ensures comfortable start-up at low temperatures. Additional options for power plants are noise-absorbing casings, automation systems, silencers, a capacious fuel tank, a mini-container, a road trailer and many others.

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