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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies Labscand
The ultra-modern three-phase power solutions up to 800 kVA with high efficiency for industrial equipment

Uninterruptible power supplies for industrial use

Modern uninterruptible AC power supply systems are the most optimal solution, providing effective protection of all equipment in commercial, industrial and telecommunication enterprises. The use of industrial UPS systems allows to completely satisfy the requirements of safety and protection of power supply in case of troubleshooting.

Industrial UPS by Labscand

Labscand has a tremendous experience in designing and implementing complex systems of industrial backup power supply and uninterruptible power supplies for enterprises. In addition, the company’s specialists provide a service of warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment, as well as 24-hour technical support throughout Europe and the near abroad.

To find out the prices for the models of the backup power system of interest to you, leave a request with the technical specification, detailed description of the requirements, selection criteria, or the parameters of the object where the UPS is supposed to be installed, and we will contact you in the near future.

Experienced specialists of Labscand provide professional consulting assistance in selecting the most reliable and durable UPS of high power for telecommunication equipment and industrial enterprises. The company provides service, including timely technical support and short delivery times. The equipment purchased from Labscand confidently meets the requirements for modern backup power systems.

Cooperate only with professionals!

Stable operation of any enterprise, company or production is impossible without reliable power supply, which includes backup and autonomous sources. In Labscand you can buy industrial UPS for production, powerful UPS for telecommunications networks and telecommunications companies, the price will depend on the power range, chosen brand, overall dimensions, weight and other parameters.

Thanks to the colossal experience, the company’s specialists take into account the specifics of each enterprise ordering power equipment, selecting the highest quality industrial UPS, fully meeting the technical task received from the customer.

Why it is beneficial to work with us

  • We work all over the world
  • We have our own production facilities
  • Work experience over 10 years
  • Solutions with a capacity of 10 to 800 kVA,
  • CE-certified equipment
  • Individual approach
  • Warranty
  • Service maintenance

The range of products allows our customers to choose uninterruptible power systems that fully meet their requirements for uninterrupted operation and ensure a long-term competitive advantage. Customers can also order the UPS based on the initial needs of their business, and then build them up as needed. This solution provides maximum benefits while reducing the total cost of ownership of an uninterruptible power system.

In addition to highly efficient and reliable uninterruptible power supplies, Labscand offers proprietary software that greatly extends the UPS management capabilities. By installing supported network cards, users can remotely monitor the operation of an uninterruptible power supply, perform initial diagnostics for abnormal deviations, and turn systems on or off if necessary.

Still have questions? Leave your phone and our manager will contact you!