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Marine engines

Volvo Penta, Mitsubishi, Labscand marine diesel engines
Wide choice of marine engines : propulsion, diesel-electric and auxiliary sets from 60 kW to 3 MW

Diesel engines occupy a leading place among ship power plants. Practically 90% of the modern world fleet is currently equipped with them.

The main criteria for such a wide application of diesel engines as main and auxiliary engines on sea vessels are their reliability in operation, high efficiency and a significant motor resource.
The ship's engine is the main element of the ship's power system, which ensures the course of the vessel, the operation of pumps, power generators and other equipment.

Today, more than 20 companies that produce similar products are represented on the world market. Among the leading foreign companies engaged in the production of low-speed diesel engines for sea-going vessels are MAN (Germany), FIAT (Italy), Burmeister and Vine (Denmark), Stork (Netherlands) and others.

On ships of the marine fleet, diesel engines of such basic designs are most often used:

  • Simple operation with a transverse, loop and straight-flow purge;
  • Internal combustion with direct-flow blowdown and divergent pistons;
  • Double action.

As the main engines for sea-going vessels, two-stroke diesel units of simple operation are used. As for auxiliary and main ones with a power of up to 1100 kW, in this case four-stroke diesel engines are used. Such giants as MAN and Fiat produce them up to 8000 kW, which makes it possible to use these installations on large cruise ships as the main engine.

We offer products of no less famous world companies. Here you can buy a diesel engine for sea-going vessels from Volvo Penta (Sweden), CTM (Italy) and Mitsubishi (Japan). These facilities are distinguished by a classic design, reliability and high engine life.

Our company does not only sell, but also maintains and repairs diesel engines for sea vessels, since all necessary consumables are always available in our warehouses. You can choose and buy products of any capacity and size. We add that all products have the necessary certificates. The engines are equipped with the necessary parts for mounting on the vessel. They are equipped with shock absorbers, control devices, control systems, exhaust systems, etc. Thus, in our catalog you can find and purchase marine engines suitable for any task.

In most cases, it is a diesel internal combustion engine, which is more economical compared to steam and gas turbine installations. By designation, it can be the main (providing the course of the vessel) or auxiliary as a generator drive (providing the operation of fans, pumps and other auxiliary equipment). The main advantages that ship diesel engines should have are the possibility of a reverse (this issue is solved by means of retrofitting diesel engines with a reducer), a considerable service life, the possibility of using heavy diesel fuel, the absence of strict limitations in size and weight, as well as low maintenance. All these requirements fully correspond to the marine diesel engines MITSUBISHI presented in this section of our website. The authority of the world's leading manufacturer, traditional Japanese quality and attention to detail – all this guarantees full compliance of our models with the strict requirements of manufacturers of marine and river vessels.

The main parameters for the classification of marine engines are:

  • The frequency of rotation, which can be subdivided: low-speed – 100 … 350 rpm, medium revving – 350 … 750 rpm, high-speed – 750 … 1500 rpm.
  • Power – small (up to 73.5 kW), medium (73.5 – 735 kW) and high (more than 735 kW).
  • Purpose – the main or auxiliary.
  • Method of changing the rotation of the shaft – reversible and irreversible.

This section presents a wide range of marine engines designed for installation on various types of vessels – from boats to large ships. We are sure that you will highly appreciate the variety of offers and choose the right model.

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