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Volvo Penta D11

Volvo Penta D11 is a compact, powerful engine series with a new, improved basic design. This six-cylinder diesel engine is refined through a large number of technical updates.

Volvo Penta D11

Due to the increased power and torque characteristics, a new generation of engines provides a decent quality of handling. The performance of the engine is also enhanced by an optimum ratio of power to mass. The general meeting of the US EPA Tier 3 standard, its environmental impact is also reduced.
Due to compliance with US EPA Tier 3 standards, the impact of the engine on the environment is also reduced.

The Volvo Penta D11 seems like a natural choice for flybridge and sports yachts ranging in length from 45 to 55 feet. Such boats weigh about 20 tons, which makes high demands on engine torque when it comes to sliding on the water surface.

High torque at low rpm provides rapid acceleration for planing. This is important for safety, fuel consumption and comfort. The introduction of a new efficient turbocharger and air filter also allowed to reduce the noise level, perceived noise levels are reduced significantly. At the same time, a rugged design minimizes onboard vibration.

Engine Rating Power Rotation frequency Fuel consumption at rated power and speed Dimensions LxWxH Weight Bore Stroke Displacement
kW hv rpm g/kWh lb/hph mm kg lb mm mm l
D11-625 5 459 625 2500 221 0.358 1310*940*1029 1145 2524 123 152 10.84
D11-670 5 493 670 2500 221 0.358 1310*940*1029 1145 2524 123 152 10.84
D11-725 5 533 725 2500 221 0.358 1310*940*1029 1145 2524 123 152 10.84


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