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Electrical metalware made to order
Metal housing for your equipment, batteries racks - advanced and cost-effective solutions

Having proven itself in the market as specialists in the design and manufacture of metal structures for electrical boards and other electrical products, Labscand provides its services in the field of manufacturing enclosures for low-voltage and high-voltage equipment with electrical installation of any complexity.

On production, serial production and implementation of individual solutions is organized:

  • Main switchboards, VRU
  • Wiring closets for outdoor installation
  • Antivandal, telecommunication cabinets
  • Fittings for electrical installation cabinets
  • Enclosures for high-voltage equipment
  • Сabinets and racks for batteries
  • Сontainers for diesel power plants

The deliveries are:

• electrical equipment for KTP and BKTP
• low-voltage electrical equipment
• high-voltage electrical equipment
• medium voltage electrical equipment

On the basis of metal electrotechnical constructions of own manufacture.

What do we offer?

    Use only certified steel of the highest quality from proven suppliers.
    We carry out constant quality control, starting with the manufacture and ending with the transfer to the customer.
    The experience and professionalism of our employees allow us to keep the mark when manufacturing parts of any complexity.

Our metal products use:

  • enterprises of civil and industrial construction;
  • structures related to the fuel and energy complex;
  • telecommunication companies;
  • aerospace companies.

We adjust production at the time you need.
The possibilities of our production allow us to manufacture electrical products in the shortest possible time. Even an emergency order will be completed on time, subject to all quality requirements.

We are a modern, dynamically developing manufacturing enterprise with its own fleet of modern and high-tech equipment.
For working with metal, high-precision equipment is used: CNC coordinate-punching machines, bending presses, laser cutting, guillotine cutting. Painting is carried out in shops equipped with modern lines of powder-polymer coloring. Modern equipment of the enterprise allows producing metal structures of any complexity. At the request of the customer, a cabinet, cabinet or rack with any overall dimensions and additional cutting can be made.

We supply and install electrical equipment, in t.ch. full construction.
We supply cabinets, consoles, substations with electrical equipment, as well as carry out installation, commissioning and provide service, using only own resources for this purpose.

If you wish to purchase the products of our factory – an electrical cabinet, metal structures or order the installation and installation of electrical equipment, we recommend to get acquainted with the product catalog first.

Our main difference and advantage is that we can always adjust to any wishes of the customer, therefore we regularly execute urgent and emergency orders for technological complex products. Labscand performs all technological operations in the manufacture of electrical cabinets, starting with the design and construction of metal products and ending with the release of products fully ready for installation.

We also offer telecommunication solutions for accommodation system and battery equipment, both conventional and climatic design with the installation of air conditioners, heating systems.

As our customers of telecommunications products are the largest mobile operators and Internet providers throughout Europe.
Each application is considered on an individual basis, and any requirements of the customer are taken into consideration and implemented on demand.

The developed logistics system allows delivering products to any countries in northern Europe, northern Africa, South Asia, etc.

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