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Chassis for diesel generators

Mobile diesel generators placed in a protective casing or container and mounted on the chassis can be easily transported, and their installation and start-up will not take much time. One of the main advantages is the lack of need for a special foundation. Labscand offers a full range of services for the installation of diesel power stations or any other industrial equipment on standard wheel chassis (trailers), as well as the manufacture of chassis by individual order.

Chassis for diesel generators

  • maximum mobility and readiness of DPPs to work;
  • savings on commissioning, loading / unloading;
  • no need for installation and a special foundation for installation;
  • convenience of delivery to the place of servicing of mobile DPPs on the chassis;
  • high reliability and safety – high-quality components, well-designed and tested structural design;
  • long service life of mobile DPPs without problems and incidents.
  1. The stations in the casing are mounted on a uniaxial chassis;
  2. Units in containers, moving on biaxial chassis and triaxial, differing in large load-carrying capacity.


Mobile diesel power station (DPS) on the chassis of a car trailer:

  • Ideal for frequent displacements of long-range power plants – on public roads, uncoated roads;
  • Maximum speed of 90 km / h;
  • Uniaxial, biaxial or triaxial trailers are used – the model of the chassis for the DGU is selected taking into account the mass and dimensions of the mobile diesel generator;
  • Included pneumatic brakes (variation – back brake), handbrake, ABS (optional) wheel chocks, hitch, lights.

Mobile diesel power station (DPS) on the chassis of the tractor trailer:

  • It is well suited for the frequent movement of diesel power plants over medium distances along public roads, as well as off-road and heavily-intersected terrain;
  • Maximum speed of 35 km / h;
  • Uniaxial, biaxial or triaxial tractor trailers are used – a specific chassis model for DES is chosen taking into account the mass and dimensions of the mobile power plant;
  • Included pneumatic brakes (variation – back brake), handbrake, ABS (optional) wheel chocks, hitch, lights.

Mobile diesel electric station (DES) on the chassis of the truck:

  • Maximum convenience in case of need for permanent movement of the DES (for the services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, emergency brigades);
  • Travel speed – up to 90 km / h;
  • We install diesel-electric power stations for any trucks (type, model, car make, fastening design, auxiliary equipment – individually agreed);
  • It is possible to install a remote control panel for mobile DPP in the car’s cab.

Mobile diesel power plant (DPP) on the sled:

  • It is well suited for moving the DPP for short distances by dragging along impassable roads;
  • It is possible to install a removable or non-removable slide;
  • The design is made of welded steel pipes (calculated for the weight of a specific model of a mobile diesel power plant), equipped with a swinging drawbar with a coupling device (loop).

Labscand develops wheelbases, taking into account the installation of diesel generators mounted on a block-container or in a noise-proof casing, as well as other industrial equipment.

The construction of trailers uses an independent, rubber-gum suspension, which practically does not require maintenance.

The design of the trailer provides for three brake systems:

  • working – mechanical, inertial, with the brake mechanism of rolling, driven from the tractor. The transmission of the inertia force of the braking of the tractor is made via the towing device to the rolling mechanism, which pulls the traction and the brake cables attached to it through the transmission lever, acting on the brake pads;
  • spare – mechanical, lever, with a cable drive of the rolling mechanism for emergency disconnection of the trailer from the tractor;
  • parking – mechanical, with a manual drive from the parking brake lever through the transmission lever, traction and cables of the brake system to the brake mechanisms of the wheels.

In the trailers there is a strong flooring, which serves as a platform for fastening the equipment.

Load capacity and dimensions of the trailer depend on the mass-dimensions of the diesel generator and the characteristics of the additional equipment installed on it. If the mobile generator is operated only in the territory of a closed enterprise, it is possible to produce simplified chassis that allow a speed of not more than 40 km / h.

Trailers for diesel generator sets intended for traffic on general roads are equipped with:

  • own braking system;
  • depreciation;
  • light signaling;
  • adjustable coupling device;
  • parking stop.


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