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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

The standard ATS electric board, designed to ensure the normal operation of production mechanisms, independently starts or stops the generator in cases of switching off / onset of an external power supply. The user does not need to manually switch the circuit breakers in the switchboard - all necessary switching is performed automatically. In addition to the basic function of starting the generator, the ATS boards manufactured by Labscand can perform many other useful functions.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

  • start of the power plant in case of loss of the main power supply without the participation of the operator;
  • years of perfect circuitry;
  • selection of high-quality components for high reliability of automatic start;
  • customization according to customer’s request;
  • the ability to configure startup parameters depending on network parameters and other input data;
  • guaranteed start-up of the power plant;
  • the start-up of a power plant is always without failures.

When using the automatic transfer switchboard, the start / stop of the DGU will be performed by an external command, which is fed to the corresponding input of the DGU from an external device (voltage monitoring relay installed on the control panel or on the ATS unit).

When assembling ATS on the front panel, as a rule, there are indicators of control with such indicators of main and reserve inputs as:

  • parameters of electric energy;
  • switching on contactors;
  • voltage;
  • violation of the order of alternation of phases of different inputs.

With ATS devices can be combined:

  • light indication and audible alarm;
  • electricity metering and distribution devices;
  • devices for monitoring load and power parameters.

Depending on the rated current and the customer’s wishes, the assembly of ATS devices can be carried out in a floor or hinged version, and the need for unimpeded access to the elements of maintenance and management is also taken into account.

The standard ATS device provides a number of the following functionalities:

  • protection against short circuits and overloads;
  • automatic transition to a backup source when the mains voltage drops;
  • reverse transition to the main input after restoration of voltage on it;
  • giving a signal to switch on and stop the electric generating set;
  • light indication;
  • process details on the controller display;
  • at the request of the client, we can provide, for an individually designed ATS shield, a number of additional functions and successfully implement them in the production process.

At the request of the customer, Labscand specialists can supply the ATS shield with such additional functions as:

  • Ability to manually control the generator from the shield
    Sometimes it is necessary to force the generator to run (prevention, unstable network, controller problems). In this case, you can independently control the generator without leaving the street.
  • Automatic heating and cooling of the generator
    In order for the generator to “live” in a gentle mode, it needs warm-ups before starting and cooling down after. And also rest intervals, regulated by the generator manufacturer. This will take care of the ATS unit.
  • Weekly preventive triggering of the generator
    That the generator was in constant combat readiness, it must be periodically started – at 10-15min. In this case, you will be aware that everything is in order, the generator is started and the automation is working.
  • +2 attempts to start the generator when the first fails
    If the first attempt to start the generator fails, the ATS shield tries to start it two more times. This increases the chances of successful network backup when it disappears.
  • Mains power supply for battery charging and heating
    While the network is in order, it is necessary to recharge the generator’s starting battery, and also to heat it for a more reliable start-up in the cold season.
  • A workaround for full switching to the network
    Important safety switch! If anything in the automation unit fails, you can switch to direct power from the network at any time.
  • Self-powered battery
    Will make the control unit independent of the state of the network and the charge of the starting battery of the generator (for several days).
  • Wide range of settings
    To control the time of work and rest, warming up and cooling the generator.
Power Source: Standard battery of power plant with voltage 12 (24) V
Operating temperature range °C  –30— +55
Permissible relative humidity % 20—90
(without condensation)
The maximum current consumed by the autorun device in standby mode 5
The maximum current of each of the outputs IGNITION, STARTER, STOP, M1, M2, intended for connection of external relays 500
(Vmax = 50 Вconst)
Maximum output current of the battery self-discharge compensator 30
The maximum distance of the remote control panel from the system board m 100
The duration of the absence of the main power supply, after which the power plant is launched (the criterion for the loss of the main power supply) s 10
The duration of the stable presence of the main power supply, after which the generator is put into a stop mode (the criterion for restoring the main power supply) s 10
Duration of the starter s 3 / 5
The maximum number of attempts to start (start the starter) 3
Pause time between start attempts s 25
The duration of the power plant after start-up before restoring the main power supply
Lower permissible frequency limit of generator output voltage Hz 40
The upper permissible frequency limit of the generator output voltage Hz 60
The duration of the operation of the power plant before it stops after the restoration of the main power supply min 1 / 2
The duration of the power plant with the load switched off in the cooling mode before the automatic shutdown min 1 / 2
The duration of the stoppage of the power plant with the option of limiting the duration of continuous operation h 1


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