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Diesel generators

Diesel generating sets
Genset, container, ATS - full equipment. Delivery and installation at the site.

The site of the company Labscand presents products of only reliable suppliers that have an impeccable reputation around the world. In our catalog you quickly decide on the choice of a suitable model that meets your specification and budget.

Diesel generators are presented in our catalog by Onis Visa manufacturers from 20 to 400 kW and CTM (Compagnia Tecnica Motori) from 500 to 2500 kW. In addition, Labscand offers its own complex DSU solutions based on the company's Italian equipment for supplying a three-phase alternating current with a voltage of 400 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.

Diesel generators from the plant in Italy

Labscand is the only official supplier of CTM diesel generators, so we offer the lowest price for this product.

The advantages of buying diesel generators are:

  • Diesel generators of European manufacturers consume 30% less fuel analogs.
  • THEN after 600 hours (2 times the normal level).

Labscand supplies diesel generators in a frame, casing, container, chassis and with optional options-an enlarged fuel tank, a noise silencer, an ATS, a heater, a monitoring system.

The delivery time of diesel generator can be from one week to several months. The duration of delivery is determined by the following factors:

  • availability of the requested diesel generator model at the supplier's warehouse
  • number of additional options that a diesel generator must be equipped with
  • version of the diesel generator (chassis, noise-proof casing, container)

If you are at a loss to determine for yourself what kind of generator you need, the specialist of the company will suggest the variants suitable for the solution of the problem – just leave a request in the form at the beginning of the page.

Labscand also offers spare parts, repairs and makes scheduled maintenance of diesel generator sets. A staff of highly qualified specialists with experience from 5 to 20 years is a guarantee of timely resolution of emergencies and unforeseen problems with your equipment.

Here are just some of our advantages:

  • The lowest prices for energy complexes on the basis of diesel generating sets Onis Visa and STM.
  • A wide range of diesel generators from leading European manufacturers.
  • Huge selection of diesel generators, adapted to solve a variety of tasks.
  • Wide geography of delivery of diesel generators
  • Installation, commissioning and installation of the DGU, regardless of the geographic location of the customer.
  • Decent warehouse, where more than 90 units of diesel generators and more than 1000 units of spare parts are stored.
  • A service center that repairs and maintains diesel generator sets purchased by our company, as well as post-warranty maintenance of diesel generators of any complexity.
  • Own certified production of insulated BAESK containers for operation of diesel generators in severe weather conditions.
  • Design and supply of diesel generators for any of the industries: mining, industrial, medical, telecommunications, security and transport.

Use of diesel power plants

  1. The main source of power supply – diesel generators are used at remote industrial sites, construction sites, mining sites, shift camps, etc.
  2. Reserve – diesel power station is in demand by owners of medical institutions, commercial and commercial enterprises, offices, etc.
  3. Emergency – the diesel generator is installed for the time of rescue or repair and restoration work.
  4. Mobile – diesel power plants are used in the construction of buildings, pipelines and in other situations.
  5. Household – diesel generators are connected in cottages, in country houses.

Advantages of Labscand diesel generators

The Labscand diesel power plant has several advantages:

  1. Individual projects. Own production of diesel power plants allows the realization of even technically complex projects.
  2. Wide choice. DES are made in the power range from 20 to 2000 kW. In the range of about 130 models of diesel power plants.
  3. Presence of diesel generators. In the warehouse there are always the most popular diesel engines.
  4. Reliability and long service life. Diesel generators are designed for 8000-40000 hours.
  5. Convenience. The design of diesel generators is convenient for maintenance and repair work. It offers the execution of diesel generators in a weatherproof hood, noise-proof casing, block-container, on the chassis.
  6. Availability. You can order a diesel generator with delivery to your region. We arrange delivery throughout the European sector, as well as to some countries in South Asia and the Northern regions of Africa.
  7. Warranty. The factory warranty is valid for diesel generators from 18 to 24 months.
  8. Affordable price.

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